Rocking the Palladium PAMPA HI 70th Anniversary Boot

At the end of World War II 70 years ago, the demand for aircraft tires significantly decreased. Taking advantage of the abundance of aircraft-grade rubber, Palladium opened its first footwear factory in France, changing the boot forever. Accepted by the French Foreign Legion, a military service branch of the French Army, Palladium was sought for its incredible comfort levels and durability to withstand most weather conditions.

Throughout the years, the historical sneaker appealed to footwear enthusiasts for its design, heritage, quality, and functionality. This 2017, the French boot manufacturer pays tribute to the brand's legacy with a special rendition of the Pampa Hi.

Check out the photos below.

Made available in monochrome options of black or white, the Palladium PAMPA HI 70th Anniversary Boot highlights a running text of 70 cities in which Palladium has explored in the past 70 years. Adding to its unique design feature is the return of Palladium's original logo which was created 70 years ago. Another notable element are two different lacing options - with or without the brand's signature typography.


The Palladium PAMPA HI 70th Anniversary Boot is now available across all Sole Academy branches at 3,900 PHP.


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