To the Streets 'til Morning with DJ Ace Ramos

By the time the digital clock blinked 11PM, the dimly lit floors began to be flooded with people. It was a crowd who just got off from school and work, wanting to cap off the week with a Friday night at Valkyrie at The Palace. The hall is only beginning to be filled with mild tunes. The grown-ups are settling down into their VIP couches and the young adults take their place at the standing tables.

DJ Nix Damn P in the house.

We braced ourselves for a memorable night full of motion. Weaving in and out of bodies swaying to the music, we made sure to find the perfect spots to capture every moment. Making eye contact with the partygoers was almost intimate as the veil of red lights and the smoky atmosphere made everything appear like it’s been covered by an Instagram filter.

The evening, aptly themed ‘To The Streets’, saw more sneakers than heels that night, giving it an unusually chill vibe. Excitement roared through the venue with amazing giveaways from Sole Academy, Secret Fresh Gallery, and Crep Protect. It went full throttle from there, with re-mixes of the old and the new, making you nod to the beat regardless. Guests dodged every crash and wave in the sea of bodies all the while dancing to the rhythm.

Crowd reaching for a Sole Academy Tee tossed by MC Paolo.
Crep Protect PH prepared special giveaways for the guests of the night.

By 2AM, the highlight of the party, DJ Ace Ramos, took the stage and the blinding laser lights went full blast. The fog machines were timed to every chorus drop. Our ribcages throbbed from the overwhelming bass resonating within it yet every guest moved instinctively to the catchy beats. DJ Ace masterfully commanded the club's movements as if it were a part his own body. There was no dull moment, only anticipation, elation, and much, much perspiration.

DJ Ace about to drop some beats.
To The Streets feat. Sole Academy
This rabbit mascot joined us on party night.

It was definitely a night for the young and the young within. It doesn’t take a lot to invite you to groove into the music but it takes mad skills to keep you wanting to dance ‘till morning. Thank you, DJ Ace, for giving us a night of music and the exhilaration of being alive amidst our busy schedules.


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