Reinventing the Outlet Experience

Founded on March 28, 2009, the MJ46 Center serves as the home of sports and lifestyle sneakers from previous seasons of various brands. Located at Elizabeth Drive, Sun Valley, Bicutan, the factory outlet guarantees a unique product experience from the warm staff.

Celebrating its 7th year this 2016, MJ46 Center is modernized with a major revamp, expanding its distinctive feel with zen-styled containers as its main element. Still situated inside the Red Flower Compound, the store is now more stylish than ever with several key components.

Learn more about its history and its upcoming festivities as we go on.

The store features selected products from earlier collections from key brands namely Nike, adidas, Asics, New Balance, Puma, Palladium and Under Armour. The story of MJ46 began as two lifelong sneaker enthusiasts were driven to curate products from the aforementioned brands in a much lesser price. MJ46 Center attains its name from its co-founders, "M" and "J", plus 4 and 6 being their respective basketball varsity jersey numbers...

Their love for basketball started with the "Man from Chicago", Michael Jordan. The store's name also serves as a tribute by dividing 46 into two, equalling to 23 - MJ's jersey number.

Today, their  passion for Michael Jordan is immortalized as the compound features the iconic "Last Shot" in life-sized proportions. A truly mesmerizing sight not only for basketball aficionados, but also for everyone who encountered "Michael Jordan" growing up.

The new MJ46 Center is flavored by adding sneaker-inspired art on its walls. These art pieces are carefully illustrated piece by piece, summing up its highly uncommon experience.

These three artworks are just a fraction of its artistic take on different sneaker silhouettes. Stay tuned for a follow-up feature on these soon!

Inside the 'modernesque' containers are countless of products from each brand, these offerings are not limited to sneakers as the store also has shirts, jackets and essential accessories.

To celebrate its grand re-opening, MJ46 Center is set to have its biggest markdown on prices, with all products being at 50% off from November 17 - 20, 2016. The 4-day festivities will also include a late-afternoon party with food stalls, bands, and traditional Filipino games on the 19th of November.

With this, Filipino heritage is showcased through art, food, music, and sneakers as enthusiasts will be gracing be the activities. Stay tuned for its event recap here on SA'ICHI, soon.

The outlet experience, reinvented by M-J-4-6.


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