Premier x Saucony ”Street Sweets” Grid 9000

Premier, a retail store based in Grand Rapids, Michigan has collaborated with Saucony to produce the "sweetest version" of the Grid 9000.  Established in 2001 by skateboarders, the Premier store focuses specifically on products of the sport and is currently expanding to lifestyle oriented articles.

The latest iteration of the Grid 9000 is inspired by chewy taffy candy, incorporating vibrant pastel colors to highlight the candy-like vibe. 

Check out the illustrations made by Premier below. 

To start off, the Premier x Saucony ”Street Sweets” Grid 9000 comes with stretchy elastic laces and pinstripes on the sockliner which reminisces candy stores. The soft neoprene tongue is branded with a candy striped “P” using a mixture of neutral toned leathers and soft pastel suedes. The brand instantly produced a unique colorway using light blue, orange cream, light blue / grey, and milky white.

Each pair comes with custom packaging specially designed for the collaboration. 

Satisfy your sweet tooth by treating yourself with this very limited release.

Photos courtesy of Premier Skateboards


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