Goodbye Hassle, Hello Convenience: Sole Mini Cruiser Backpack

Following the epic Dent x Sole Academy Gunner Backpack collab last week comes the newest family travel bag: Sole Mini Cruiser Backpack. For the first time ever, Sole Mini is introducing a multi-functional baby bag, perfect for every family with babies, toddlers, or both. This stylish backpack is perfect with any streetwear look and comes with a special dad goal: to carry baby's stuff anywhere without having to look like he just emerged from the nursery.

Built to resist tears, scuffs, and abrasions, the 19" x 12" x 5.75" backpack is constructed using CORDURA fabric reinforced by sandwich and laminated meshes. It features a wide array of pockets that can fit anything from gadgets, clothes, diapers, to formula containers. Its main highlight is the front compartment which becomes an on-the-go diaper changing pad, detachable and washable for easy clean-up as well.

The padded back compartment can fit up to a 13-inch laptop or iPad while an easily accessible yet hidden pocket keeps important items safe, the kind you would normally try to fit in your jeans instead: wallets, keys, and phones.

An insulated side pocket ensures your baby's bottles will be kept at an optimum temperature during significant periods of time before consumption.

The padded back provides maximum comfort during use and it comes with heavy duty adjustable chest straps and a sternum lock to fasten it in place while you run after your kids in the park (or chase after your partner while shopping).

A special back sleeve conveniently slips the bag onto stroller handlebars or luggage grips when traveling, freeing up your hands to do more important things like holding your kid by the hand to avoid losing them in the airport.

Fully adjustable extra straps found below the backpack keep umbrellas and kiddie blankets secured for traveling.

The touch of olive green on zipper pullers and haul loop as well as a minimalist Sole Mini crown gives the backpack a low-key street look that complements virtually any sneaker rotation.

This innovation is no doubt a game changer for families not only in terms of style but above all, for its highly-enabling functionality. 

The Sole Mini Cruiser Backpack is now available in limited quantities at Sole Mini BGC and Sole Mini Greenbelt 5 for Php 3,995.


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