The Tome of Protection


In their never-ending quest to spread knowledge of the mystic lifestyle arts, the five stars of Sole Academy searched far and wide for a concoction that would make prized treasures invulnerable against utter destruction from the elements. Years of seeking have passed and a powerful item had finally found its way into the halls of the Academy. Upon its discovery, the stars immediately recognized that it was bound by destiny to serve a greater purpose, far beyond what they are able to fathom. In order to keep this discovery from falling into the wrong hands, it was hidden deep beneath the labyrinth of the Academy Library’s Restricted Area, safeguarded by an enigma: The Rattlesnake. After several full moons of carefully studying its infinite applications, Sole Academy finally unveils its gift to mortals...The Tome of Protection.

The Tome of Protection contains the secret to ultimate sneaker protection through Crep Protect's perfected art and cultivated science. The original version of the tome holds a Sole Academy x Crep rain and stain barrier, Crep Cure with brush and rag, Crep Pills, and Crep Wipes. SA branded face masks in two striking colorways protect you from pollutants and an SA x Crep apron keeps you clean during application. The smaller volumes of the tome houses the collab spray can as well as a single SA face mask.

This historic collaboration is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia and you can be sure this is just the beginning of a new dawn for the local sneaker scene.


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