The Sole Academy ICON18 Program


Duration of Program: July 19 – December 31, 2018


1. To join the Sole Academy ICON18 Program, a guest will receive an ICON CARD upon purchase of a full-priced pair from the list of ICONS provided. The ICON18 Program is open to all Sole Academy branches EXCEPT Sole Academy Online (SAOL) and Sole Mini.

2. The guest must provide the following on the ICON CARD: a) complete name, b) mobile number, and c) signature.

3. For every purchase of a full-priced pair from the list of ICONS, the guest is entitled to one (1) Sole Academy sticker. Pairs not included in the list of ICONS will NOT earn stickers.

4. Sole Academy stickers must have the Team Leader’s (TL) signature on top to ensure validity. Stickers with no TL signature will NOT be considered valid.

5. Twelve (12) Sole Academy stickers will entitle the guest to one (1) FREE pair of his/her choice from the list of ICONS.

6. Free pairs DO NOT include Raffle-Level and SA-EXCLUSIVE items. Claiming may be done at any Sole Academy branch EXCEPT Sole Academy Online (SAOL) and Sole Mini.

7. A guest may only combine a maximum of two (2) ICON CARDS under the same name to complete a set of twelve (12) stickers.

8. The ICON CARD/S must be surrendered to claim the free pair.

9. Earning of Sole Academy stickers shall be from 19 July 2018 until 31 December 2018 only.

10. Claiming of free pairs is valid until 01 March 2019 ONLY.

11. Sole Academy will not be held liable for any lost or stolen ICON CARD.

12. A lost ICON CARD will NOT be replaced.

13. A severely damaged ICON CARD which no longer clearly shows the SA stickers collected will NOT be considered valid.

14. By entering the promo, the guest hereby agrees that the details provided may be used for the purpose of carrying out the program and any transaction related to it.


Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 13047 Series of 2018.


1. Can I let my family/friends use my ICON CARD to earn SA stickers? Yes, provided that the very first purchase is under your name.

2. Can I purchase different sizes and still earn SA stickers? Yes.

3. Can I claim my free pair in a different size? Yes.

4. Can someone else redeem my free pair? No, only the person with his/her name on the card may claim the free pair upon presentation of a valid government-issued ID or student ID.

5. Is there a limit of ICON CARDS per person? None, but only a maximum of two ICON CARDS may be combined for claiming at a time.

6. If I have 2 ICON CARDS, can I combine them to get a free pair? Yes, see number 5.

7. Can I combine my ICON CARD with my friend’s ICON CARD? No, combined ICON CARDS must be under the same name to avail of the free pair.

8. Can I combine 3 or more ICON CARDS? No, see number 7.

9. Can I get an ICON CARD under someone else’s name? No, the ICON CARD will be named under the present buyer of the first pair.

10. What if I purchased an ICON pair but forgot to bring my ICON CARD? Can I come back and get the SA sticker? Yes, just keep the receipt and show it at the counter on your next visit OR you may just claim a new ICON CARD.

11. What if the staff forgets to issue my SA sticker? Can I come back and present my receipt? Yes, just present your receipt on or before 31 December 2018.

12. Can I buy from SAOL or Sole Mini to get an SA sticker? No, purchases from SAOL and Sole Mini will NOT reward guests with Sole Academy stickers. There will be a separate ICON PROGRAM for Sole Mini.


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