Presenting the 2016 JanSport x Sole Academy Right Pack Signature Series Backpack

For the fifth consecutive year, world-renowned international brand JanSport has chosen Sole Academy for an all-new backpack collaboration. The Right Pack Signature Series (RPSS) is the backpacking company's program which collaborates with 31 selected stores worldwide. 

JanSport, which was officially launched in the Philippines in the late 90's, has been known to have a connection with the urban youth.  A top choice among students, the global brand has partnered with school orgs in various institutions from different parts of the country.

Learn more about the collections, plus get to know two new #BESTINCLASS JanSport x SA ambassadors below. 

The on-going partnership between SA and JS gives birth to its collaborative 5th model. Before we get into the smallest details of the latest model, let us take a quick look at the past RPSS collections.

2012 marked the launch of JanSport and Sole Academy's partnership. The first bag, which features SA's logo, is highlighted together with the Philippines' sun and flag colors.

For 2013, the SA RPSS gets a monochrome look with the two icons exhibiting Filipino pride.

The 2014 version gets additional details with its multi-printed backpack strap. What makes the 3rd collaborative model unique is the replacement of the signature suede leather bottom to a print representing our country.

For 2015, JanSport's detailed embroidery is highlighted at the back print. Look closely on what makes it #BESTINCLASS.

Say hello to the 2016 model! For this year’s theme, City Escape, the 2016 SA x JS RPSS bag focuses on the cities and key products of the Philippines. Bolder than ever, the latest version exhibits true Filipino nationalism on a global scale making our country mode visible in the urban Life +Style scene. 

The 5th model, which also coincides with Sole Academy's 5th year anniversary has 10 icons. Each icon proudly represents the Philippines, namely, the Philippine Eagle, Philippine sunsets, the jeepney, mangoes, Philippine beaches, the Tarsier, the sorbetes, the Philippine Carabao, Chocolate Hills, and the Rizal Monument.

Please do take note of these icons. Trust me, it will come in handy!

Sole Academy and JanSport Philippines chose two new ambassadors of the new 2016 JanSport x Sole Academy Right Pack Signature Series backpack. First is Wax Martinez from Ateneo de Manila University.

A freshman taking up Legal Management, Wax notes that his SA RPSS consists of the following daily essentials, a notebook, planner, powerbank, charger, laptop, folder, pens, and a calculator.

At his young age, Wax is considered to be one of the purest sneakerheads in the country. Get to know more of him soon.

The second ambassador is Cha Cruz, a graduate of De La Salle University and currently F2 Logistics' volleyball captain. The 28-year old volleyball phenomenon is also teaching English and math at the International School of Manila.

With her busy day-to-day schedule, packing the right essentials is top priority. Cha's SA RPSS includes, top and bottom jerseys, knee pads, elbow support, compression shirts, shorts, volleyball shoes, a toiletry kit, water bottle, and an extra set of clothes.

To those who are wondering, Cha's choice of sneakers has to be anything with Nike's Flyknit technology. She adds that its flexibility sets it apart from the rest, its sleek design and vast model/colorway offerings is a plus. Would you like to hear more of her on SA'ICHI?

A role model to our youth, Cha and Wax is #BESTINCLASS in their respective fields for exhibiting Filipino pride in their daily urban adventures.

For the past 4 years, Sole Academy is the only approved retailer by JanSport to collaborate for the Right Pack Signature Series in the Philippines. With this, the premier lifestyle store has taken deep pride in each and every single detail of the collaboration.

Exhibit the Best of the Philippines with 2016 JanSport x Sole Academy Right Pack Signature Series backpack, arriving next week at all SA stores.


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