The Puma Clyde Comeback

During the seventies, NBA legend Walt Frazier made a name for mastering the art of stealing the ball from his opponents. His specialty in defense made him earn the nickname “Clyde” - a reference to a legendary bank robber during the 1930s. During Frazier's career, "Clyde" was spotted in a custom-made pair of Puma Suedes during pick-up games in New York City. Puma then reconfigured the original Suede silhouette and made it lighter, wider plus stamping his moniker on the side in gold.

Photo from NBA Archives

As a professional athlete, Frazier led the New York Knicks to winning the NBA Championship in 1970 and 1973. A basketball hall of fame for his achievements, his byname is synonymous today with one of Puma’s most significant models – the Clyde.

Photo from Puma Archives

This holiday season, the Puma Clyde returns in two special models. Timeless in black and white, the "B & C" takes inspiration from Bonnie and Clyde, a cult-classic film from 1967.

A pair that can also be used in different occasions for its classic-minimalist design, the Clyde instantly became an essential off-court piece as a lifestyle sneaker for more than 40 years. Also, its rich history and traditional form connected to both "big and commercial" sneaker enthusiasts.

Check out the photos below.

Paying tribute to Walt Frazier’s legendary career with the New York Knicks, another premium version of the Clyde is known as the "NYC". Finished off in an orange and blue suede upper, topped off with a white outsole, which symbolizes the team's iconic color for more almost 70 years. This rendition of the Clyde also includes a gold foiled number "10" printed in each shoe to represent Frazier's basketball jersey number.

An influential model all across the globe for its heritage and consumer-friendly price tag, these two iconic iterations of the Clyde are now available across all Sole Academy branches.


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