Festival-Ready with Palladium x Smiley Pampa Fest Pack

As Palladium Boots turns 70 years old this 2017, they are set to release a fresh line-up of products to celebrate. Among them is a very special collaboration with the world's happiest brand - Smiley, who is also celebrating their 45th anniversary. The Pampa Fest Pack arrives as a capsule festival collection, incorporating the Smiley trademark icon in yellow and black onto Palladium's Pampa Hi's 10oz cotton canvas. The Pampa Hi is an iconic silhouette recognized worldwide for its military heritage which eventually became the unofficial uniform used by acid house ravers and grunge goers, reflecting the pop culture of the early 90's. This collaboration is the ultimate companion to your festival spirit and the Pampa Fest Pack comes in black and yellow colorways.

The boots also come with a 'Festival Survival Kit', a removable zip pocket containing a mini bottle opener, earplugs, and stickers; perfect for your music festival essentials.

Catch this iconic collab now available across all Sole Academy stores (Alabang, BGC, TriNoma, UPTC).


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