Catch the City Sock 2 Amidst the NMD Storm

Adding to the already panic-inducing selection of NMDs dropping this July 13 are two adidas NMD City Socks for men in ‘glitch’ and ‘cheetah’ patterns, easily taking their rightful places among the cult classic. The Primeknit upper for Grey Glitch comes in black and white with red accents and pods. Even more attention-grabbing is the deep red Primeknit upper in cheetah pattern topped off with black striping for the the CS2 Harvest Red.

‍adidas NMD CS2 PK in Glitch Grey
‍adidas NMD CS2 PK in Harvest Red

Sole Academy Release Mechanics:

  1. First-come, First-serve basis.

  2. Maximum of 3 pairs pair per person regardless of size or article.

  3. Guests must present a valid government-issued ID or student ID. Proxies will not be allowed.

  4. Guests must come in adidas footwear.

  5. No customer-generated lists will be accepted. Queueing in front of SA BGC/SA Alabang to begin at 10:30 am, numbers will be given out at 11am, whoever is in line will be the only ones given queue numbers.

  6. NMD CS2
    Php 8,995
    SA BGC: sizes 5-12
    SA Alabang: sizes 8-11(Harvest Red); sizes 9-11 (Glitch Grey), half sizes included.

  7. Sole Academy reserves the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue, or terminate said mechanics at any given time deemed appropriate.

Both silhouettes will be available at Sole Academy BGC starting July 13. The question is, will it be the R2s or the CS2s? We say go for both.


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