Flashing Lights, Raging Sounds, and Better Two Four Seven Comfort

It may seem like a typical Friday night in Poblacion but the Pineapple Lab holds a blinding secret: New Balance Philippines has finally unveiled the much-awaited 247v2 in a luminous Tritium Pack. The version two is a chunkier and comfier follow-up to one of the most iconic styles of 2017. It’s a clear monument of where sport and lifestyle meet.

The evening kicked off with an electrifying performance from the rising hip-hop collective Bawal Clan, shaking the Pineapple Lab to its core. They were dropping beats and exchanging raps faster than our heart rate could keep up with. Everyone was either bobbing or swaying from the vivid energy going around. Influencers from all over Instagram were also in attendance.

As New Balance Philippines unveiled the lustrous pack, the strikingly bold color blocking mimics the radioluminescence of Tritium, the radioactive isotope of hydrogen from which the pack's name is derived from. Staying true to the brand's DNA, the silhouette appears bulkier, a trend that New Balance has always been a staple in. The 247v2 promises an exciting future, meeting the demands of our ever evolving on-the-go lifestyle and unquenchable thirst for sport aesthetics.

Slip into expert comfort and style with the New Balance 247v2 at Sole Academy.


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