Sneakers and Lasting Memories


In the growing world of sneakers, it's the small details that count.

Liza Marie Santiago is a collector who focuses on small-yet-finer details which make sneaker collecting more fun and memorable. Find out why on our exclusive Q&A.

SA'ICHI: Tell us a little background about Liza Marie Santiago.

Liza: I started collecting sneakers around August 2014, it was the time that I first fell in love with the Jordan 1. I used to play basketball back in high school, but it was only basketball sneakers that I was interested in. Slowly, my passion for sneakers evolved to lifestyle silhouettes.

SA'1: What made you shift from basketball sneakers to lifestyle sneakers?

L: Several basketball sneakers are not too comfy when you wear them for long periods of time. Plus, lifestyle sneakers are easier to rock.

SA'1: Who do you look up to when it comes to sneakers?

L: I would say Michael Jordan, because I started collecting sneakers because of him. But lately, it would be Kanye West because he elevated the sneaker game. Kanye has very good influence on the "sneaker world" and I think his designs are nice.

SA'1: Do you have an estimate on how many pairs of sneakers you currently have?

L: Since I started 2 years ago, I think I have roughly around 70 to 80 pairs.

SA'1:  Which sneaker is your favorite?

L: That’s a tough one. I’ll go with the Yeezy Boost 350 Oxford Tan, these have deep value to me as it was the first sneaker raffle I won. I also like the UltraBOOST Uncaged, I got lucky twice with the Triple Red and Black ones. The Uncaged are my go-to sneakers, as Boost technology is something I’ve got into over the last couple of months.

SA'1: How did you learn about Sole Academy?

L: I first encountered SA in Alabang Town Center. I never thought there was an Instagram page, I just saw the store there and was completely happy with the sneakers offered. 

SA'1: What do you look for when buying sneakers? Is it hype, comfort, or aesthetics?

L: Hype is something very subjective, I think I wouldn’t buy a sneaker that is based on pure hype. It’s always been the overall comfort of the sneaker and the iconic colorways.

SA'1: Do you have a message to the millennials who are starting to collect sneakers?

L: There is no logical explanation on when to buy sneakers, just buy it when you like it. Seize the day because it’s always an opportunity. I tend to dream about the sneakers I passed on and still have regrets.

SA'1: What makes Liza #BESTINCLASS?

L: Just go for it! It’s plain and simple, what you see is what you get. I just do whatever I want.

SA'1: Do you have an inspiring "sneaker story" to share?

L: A few months go, I noticed that my dad usually kept on looking on a Made In England New Balance pair. I kept on asking him for two months if he wanted the pair. He always answers “maybe next time”.

When Father’s Day came in, I texted him and asked him on what he wanted. Then I realized the perfect gift for him - the sneaker. Now, he’s enjoying the pair as he wears it every time I see him. It has sentimental value to us and because of that SA has been a part of our family.

For Liza, collecting sneakers has a deeper meaning, as this equal to lasting memories. It is the subconscious thoughts that make the sneaker-world a better place to live in.

Family first.


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