The UltraBOOST Uncaged "Multicolor" Sole Academy Release Recap

The adidas UltraBOOST Uncaged in "Multicolor" finally arrives.

Kicking off February for the German Brand was a release of 10 NEW (!) performance-lifestyle sneakers at Sole Academy BGC. Here's a quick recap on what went down.

The release was done in a "silent" way with no lead time to guests - giving a good chance to everyone who wanted the sneaker. The 5 PM release was carefully deliberated giving way to those coming from work or school.

 Guests were in for a treat with a wide availability of adidas' latest PureBOOST model - which also debuted that day.

An instant hit for its design and performance features, the PureBOOST was equally embraced by sneaker enthusiasts. Learn more about the sneaker here: ESCAPE THE GRID AND EXPLORE 

Energy and excitement was felt at the four corners of Sole Academy BGC. Here are some of the guests.

The great news is... adidas is just warming up. Stand by for more BOOSTs this "love month".


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