Thursday Is For Jazz Night

It's already ten in the evening and we haven't had anything to eat yet after working all night. Since most restaurants nearby were already closed, we decided to check out Greenfield District in Mandaluyong for some grub. Fortunately, it was a Thursday which meant live jazz music for some relaxation. We couldn't believe that such a pleasant ambience is literally less than a kilometer away from the chaos of EDSA. It was turning out to be a pretty awesome night.

An amazing band composed of probably more than ten people were performing some of the sexiest tunes we're probably heard in a while. After regaining our composure from the initial shock of how good the band were, we skimmed every tent for a hearty meal. After finally settling with a steaming bowl of the best Pho Hoa we've ever tasted on Philippine soil (and pizza of course), we let the music carry away any remaining worry we had for the night.

The gentle breeze smelled like freshly-baked bread yet it felt cool against our skin. The warm lights and soft laughter covered by the music had us smiling from what was supposed to be a normal night. Cheers to Greenfiled District for a refreshing take on the city life. We'll drop by again for sure on Thursday night.


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