SA'ICHI Instagram Contest: Express Individuality

Two weeks ago, SA’ICHI launched an online activation in the quest to find some of the most artistic photos on Instagram. The mechanics were simple, post a photo using any of the given hashtags: #SAICHIstreets for travel, #SAICHIeats for food, and #SAICHIkicks for sneakers, then tag two friends whom you shared or wish to share the memory with. As a reward, SA’ICHI prepared a special gift pack to the 6 outstanding photos among hundreds of entries. Here are the 6 winners plus 14 must-see shots (in no particular order):


"⛴ #SAICHIstreets" - @lea401

"It does float!" - @rivaldare

"Lobster Rolls" - @jayceemarcial

#saichidesert ? - @julio.martinez20

"Should old jeepneys be phased out?🇵🇭 - @kieferrevina

"#Saichieats" - @jloading413


"SAICHIstreets" - @legalkicks

"Eat Fresh #SAICHIeats" - @johncarlorobles

"Spreading positive vibrations wherever I go" - @gavinmarcial

 A phone, a glass table, good lighting (natural and artificial) and a stunning structure - The Ruins, all I needed to take this dreamy shot! It's worth the 100php entrance fee - @delliedose

ALWAYS 💯 - @cyn.lai

"Blackouts" - @rylejustinuy

"Airmax 90 OG Infrared" - @ohyeahnate

Dangerously underrated ⚠️⛔🚫 - @devlindisguise

"Growing up, I have always dreamt of swimming with sea turtles. I just believe that they are creatures of wisdom and peace, and of finesse and coolness.Thank you Mr. Turtle for making a kid's dream come true." - @ramng

"Progress #SAICHIstreets" - @sj.rivera

"Wear your best shoes on the best places you'll go." - @marikitxx

Blurish. - @adrianokarlsj

"Coron." - @blue_fox29

"14°33'32.09" N, 120°59'3.62" E. The bay." - @kaizer_andre

Which is your favorite photo? Continue following SA'ICHI on IG and keep on using the hashtags for future surprises!


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