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There’s nothing worse than stains on your fresh pair of sneakers. While some prefer their pairs worn out, there will still be a point in a sneakerhead's life that his/her most treasured pairs are kept clean and crisp.  

One of the most talked about brands in the world of sneaker cleaners is Crep Protect. Best known for its nano protective spray, the product's worldwide identity was established as it went viral online with its on-the-spot sneaker tests. This time, we dig into the details behind the brand with Steve Spellacy (Head of International Sales) and Riz Ahmed (Owner/Co-Founder) of Crep Protect during their recent visit to Sole Academy BGC.

Learn more about the revolutionary product below on this exclusive Q&A.

SA'ICHI: How did Crep Protect start?

Crep Protect: The technology began back 2013 in United Kingdom, as it was originally created to protect carpets. One of our founders is a big sneaker addict, so he tried spraying, and eventually it worked. After that, we formulated the spray to protect sneakers. The brand's name came from the urban meaning of "Crep" in London, which is synonymous to sneakers.

SA'1: What is your ultimate mindset on product development?

CP: Our quest for product improvement does not stop, we will try to elevate our products because challenges will arise. We are also planning to bring in new developments very soon.  

SA'1: With the new developing technologies coming out in the market, how will Crep Protect be prepared for these advancements?

CP: We are trying and testing out our products on different materials. We are currently developing a new formula for caps as we are planning to do a collaboration with New Era. It’s a spray that will protect the headgear for more than two months, as we want your products to be as crisp as new.

SA'1: On a business point of view, how important is it for you to maintain a high level of involvement within your products/brand?

CP: Very, very important. If we step away from the products then we lose our touch with the product itself, then we lose our connection with the consumers. We join a lot of sneaker events, we've been to Sneaker Con in the United States and Sneakeress in Europe so we can interact with the customers. We want to learn from them so we know how to improve our products. 

SA'1: What are your personal favorite sneakers?

CP: I am an adidas UltraBOOST fan, I recently finished the London Marathon using them, it's perfect for casual use and sports. I’ve been wearing adidas sneakers since I was young, one of my favorites is the Gazelle.

Riz Ahmed's collection at the Crep Protect Head Office

SA'1: Where do you see lifestyle sneakers 5 years from now?

CP: It will be dominated by the female market, because products and consumers are evolving. Products for women really look good and they are very comfortable too.

SA'1: What is the biggest sneaker cleaning mistake/myth you’ve ever heard?

CP: The biggest one I’ve did myself is putting sneakers on the washing machine, yes it gets cleaned but it can also get deformed. In the UK, others put their pairs on the car radiator for it to dry, that’s a no too.

SA'1: Any message to your followers and supporters?

CP: A huge THANK YOU, because you trusted us. Our products are maintained in high quality, because we want the best for the consumers. We will never sacrifice quality because our aim is for our customers to trust us.

"Fresh isn’t just a state of mind – it’s a lifestyle" well said, Crep Protect.


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