A Look at the PureBOOST Line-Up Releasing This February

Designed and engineered for the urban runner, the adidas PureBOOST is bound for a major face-lift. Not only limited to physical upgrades, the 2017 model features an 8mm heel lift plus progressive sculpting of the BOOST midsole. This upgrade adds comfort and support not only in the running field, but also for day-to-day use.

Perfect for technical street running, the PureBOOST’s outsole has also been retooled with additional support on the medial side to increase foot protection. Developed by adidas’ game-changing motion-capture system, Aramis Technology, the sneaker is welcomed by some as “UltraBOOST's baby brother”.

A technological marvel for its price point and design, the adidas PureBOOST is set to release in 9 variants this February 1. 

Learn more below:

A. adidas PureBOOST

Style code: BA8889

B. adidas PureBOOST

Style code: BA8893

C. adidas PureBOOST

Style code: BA8895

(From left to right)

D. adidas PureBOOST Xpose W 

Style code: BB1733

E. adidas PureBOOST Xpose W

Style code:  BB1734

F. adidas PureBOOST Xpose W 

Style code: BB1732

G. adidas PureBOOST Xpose W

Style code: BB1731

(From top to bottom)

H. adidas PureBOOST X TR ZIP W

Style code: BB1579

I. adidas PureBOOST X TR ZIP W

Style code: BB1578

To add to the PureBOOST's performance strengths, its wider stance offers more stability to the runner by increasing contact to the surface.

Deconstructed, versatile, and adaptive - the PureBOOST is back.

Read More: Learn more about Aramis Technology.


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