The Super Limited Saucony x Bodega Elite Shadow 5000 Arrives in Sole Academy

Originally launched in 2010, the Saucony x Bodega Elite Shadow 5000 is considered as one of the best collaborative models from the American footwear brand. Bodega, a Boston-based sneaker retailer which marks its 10th year this 2016, has celebrated the milestone with a re-run of the highly-coveted pair. Best known for its "underground" vibe, the Bodega brick & mortar store is situated in the heart of Boston, in an area hidden to everyone except to those who are familiar within the area. Interesting...

The name "Bodega" draws its origins from being a sneaker boutique that has a secret passage inside a convenience store. Its unique take in streetwear and products offered made it catapult from a local store into one of the most respected doors in the United States.

Check out the photos of the sneaker below.

The ultra-limited pair which was exclusively launched through top-tier Japanese accounts, is deeply credited for its sophisticated feel with the use of premium materials. Front-lining the product is its grey suede toebox, different tones of blue, and gum soles to balance the feel of the sneaker.

A surprise re-release during Bodega's 10th year anniversary celebration, the pair instantly sold out within a few minutes leaving others wanting for more.

With Sole Academy's objective to deliver the best products for its Philippine consumers, the Saucony x Bodega Elite Shadow 5000 lands locally across all SA branches.

Be sure to check this post for final release details.

Photos from EuKicks/Saucony.


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