Limited Edt x Asics Tiger's Vanda Arrives in Kuro and Murasaki

Only a select few are able to represent their origins by dedicating a sneaker to their country’s national treasure.

Limited Edt, Singapore's premier sneaker boutique, continues to bring out the heat with yet another meaningful collaboration with Asics Tiger. A follow-up to the 2015 collaboration, the two powerhouse brands have taken on the next level for two more Vanda-inspired sneakers.

This year, the collaborative efforts embed Limited Edt’s personal flavor on two iconic sneaker models, the Asics Gel-Lyte III and Gel-Lyte V. With the use of top-grade materials, the Singaporean sneaker chain infused a hybrid orchid that represents individuality and cultural diversity, the Vanda Miss Joaquim, with the trusted Asics’s heritage.

Paying homage to the Japanese origin of the Asics Tiger, the two sneakers are named after the colorways of the shoes in Japanese: KURO for black (Gel-Lyte III) and MURASAKI (Gel-Lyte V) for purple.

To dive further into the highly-anticipated sequel of the previous collaboration, SA’ICHI and Sole Academy reached out for an exclusive interview with the humble man behind Limited Edt Singapore, Mandeep Chopra.

Enjoy this very special feature.

SA'1: What inspired your team to do a follow-up on your first Asics collaboration from 2015?

MC: The first one did so well and we like to do things in 3s. A concrete example is our previous collabs, namely our 3-part Puma collab telling a brief history of Singapore and the launch of three New Balance 577s. The Vanda Miss Joaquim is actually a hybrid Orchid and so we were inspired to do a hybrid of the original. We loved the shoe box we created for the first one and took inspiration from the box and its colors to do a Black Version of the Gel-Lyte III and totally change up the material and application and so did a laser cut on premium leather instead of the jacquard print on fabric. Then we decided to do a purple version and tried to give it a very original color while still inspired by orchids and some of its predominant colors of purple, lavender, yellow etc. We chose the other signature Asics Tiger Silhouette of the Gel-Lyte V to really differentiate it from the first Vanda.

SA'1:Tell us a short background on your personal history with the national flower of Singapore - the Vanda Miss Joaquim?

MC: It’s just synonymous with Singaporeans as our national flower. So when we did our 2015 project the big theme was celebrating Our Nation’s 50 Anniversary so we chose this national icon. Orchids are one of Singapore’s most notable exports and there is a big industry of creating hybrid Orchids so I guess we are doing the same and creating 2 more hybrids which will be released.

SA'1: What are the distinct features of the Asics Tiger X Limited Edt Vanda Collaboration?

MC: The original print is the most distinct feature and it’s something we created blending the flower pattern with our LE Seal. All 3 also have elements of reflectivity and although there is a floral design it still gives a strong masculine edge as well which is something we consciously tried to do.

SA'1: Please share with us your thoughts on the design process of the Asics Tiger x Limited Edt VANDA “MURASAKI GEL-LYTE V and the Asics Tiger x Limited Edt VANDA "KURO" GEL-LYTE III.

MC: We contemplated a lot on whether we should do something totally different or do a part 2 but we felt we put something on the table that was very different from the original while still retaining some strong elements of the original was the way to go. Once we set our minds on this it was very organic and we pushed to develop a very classic and premium black gold colorway and a purple version that would definitely capture people’s attention.

SA'1: What continues to motivate you into creating top-tier collaborations with the world's best sneaker brands? How does it feel to represent Singapore on a global scale in the “sneaker world”?

MC: Honestly that is the best part of our job where we can create something that resonates with locals as well as a global audience. Seeing these creations come to fruition and then doing well is really a source of pride. We, right from the start of our existence, close to 15 years now, always set up to represent Singapore as best we can and it’s always nice to be given some recognition and for us we just hope to carry on carrying the flag high for SG.

SA'1: Do you have a message to your followers in the Philippines?

MC: We hope you like the shoe and being a fellow Southeast Asian nation with so much in common and so much connection between our countries, we also hope we can work together with you to grow the sneaker culture in our whole region. To those who will purchase the shoe we hope that you can represent the shoe not only in the Philippines but all over the world on your travels as we are sure you will turn some heads with this unique and very limited collaboration.  Expect more from us as well and we hope one day to maybe work on a collaboration which will draw on the deep roots we have had with the Filipino community over the years.

Passion for sneakers and cultural heritage reflected through unbeatable quality and absolute craftsmanship. Mandeep Chopra is a fine example of representing your origins should start from within.

Get ready as the talk of the sneaker world is back. The Asics x Limited Edt “Kuro” and “Murasaki” arrives this Friday, March 31 at Sole Academy.


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