adidas YEEZY 500 "Supermoon Yellow" Sole Academy Release Mechanics

SOLE ACADEMY, in partnership with adidas, brings you the adidas YEEZY 500 SUPERMOON YELLOW via raffle release.

SRP: P11,000

Size Breakdown: 4/4.5/5/5.5/6/6.5/7/7.5/8/8.5/9/9.5/10/10.5/11/11.5/12/12.5/13

In-Store Registration: 02-07 June 2018



1. To join the raffle for the adidas YEEZY 500 SUPERMOON YELLOW release, Guests who purchase any item from any Sole Academy and Sole Mini branch from June 2-7, Saturday-Thursday, from 11:00AM until store closing, will be entitled to a single raffle entry. Multiple entries are allowed but a Guest may only win once. Deadline for submission of entries is on June 7 at 8:00PM.

2. Guests are required to fill-out the raffle coupon with their complete name and own size. Upon completion of the raffle entry details, guests may place their entries in the drop boxes of their respective size, which are located in all Sole Academy Stores: Alabang, BGC, TriNoma and UPTC. All raffle entries will be consolidated inside the Think Tank by SA for drawing of winners.

3. Raffle draw will be on Saturday, June 9 at 12:00PM, inside the Think Tank by SA in front of Sole Academy BGC, to be done in the presence of a DTI representative. The raffle draw will be streamed live using Facebook LIVE on Sole Academy's official account (

4. Winning raffle numbers will be posted outside the Think Tank by SA and at on Saturday, June 9 at 5:00 PM. Winners will also be notified via phone call, text message, or e-mail, and registered mail regarding their access to purchase.

5. Winners can avail of their access to purchase their adidas YEEZY 500 SUPERMOON YELLOW in their registered size only starting Saturday, June 9, from 5:00PM onwards.

6. Winners must present a valid government-issued ID or a current student ID, their winning raffle stub number as well as the registered notice sent by Sole Academy. In the event that the winner is unable to physically purchase his/her pair, an authorized representative may be allowed to purchase on his/her behalf by presenting an authorization letter along with a valid government issued or current student ID, the raffle stub of the winner, and the registered notice.

7. By entering the raffle, Guests hereby agree that their details may be used for the purpose of carrying out the raffle release and any transaction related to it.

8. Employees of Sole Academy and their relatives up to 2nd degree of affinity and consanguinity are disqualified to join the promo.

9. All decisions made by Sole Academy with the concurrence of the DTI Representative will be deemed final and irrevocable.

Update: June 9, 2018 - 5:00PM

Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 6718 Series of 2018.


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