Going DPR into Urban Runner's Silhouette

Make way as the wide range of adidas’ lifestyle runners welcome a new member, the PureBOOST DPR. The latest version of the PureBOOST features a new 8mm heel-to-toe offset creating an efficient energy return system every time it hits the ground. Built for the streets, the DPR’s (deeper) design inherits a much more streamlined contour thanks to a retooled Aramis–inspired knit upper.

Sleeker and faster than ever, adidas went beyond by looking into the needs of the modern urban runner and designed a shoe that is as dynamic and adaptable as they are. “All over the world, runners are exploring cities and expressing their own creativity in the routes they choose and the challenges they take on. We wanted to build something purely designed for this type of runner, and loved the idea of creating a more adaptive running experience.” Stephan Schneider, product manager of adidas Global Running, said in a press release.

 Check out the photos below.

Get ready for the latest innovative runner from adidas, as Sole Academy releases the PureBOOST DPR this Thursday, May 18.


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