Cheese and Wine for The Sunfish

SA'ICHI spent the Thursday night amidst cultural officers from different embassies, film enthusiasts, and students, for the opening of the 3rd Danish Film Festival. Despite the rush hour traffic, we managed to make it in time for some cheese and wine courtesy of the Embassy of Denmark in the Philippines. After an hour of greetings and socialization, we proceeded to the cinema for the viewing of Klumpfisken or The Sunfish, a Danish comedy/drama film about a small fisherman struggling afloat in a world pressured by huge enterprises. It may have been shown through a different set of eyes yet it broadly reflected our own battles, reminding us that we belong to one race - human- and that we live in the same planet, and it matters.

Catch this heart-warming film and more, all for free, until October 22 at Shang Cineplex, Cinema 4, EDSA Shangri-la Mall.

Special thanks to Czech Embassy Manila for the invitation to the opening night.


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