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SA'ICHI is derived from Sole Academy's initials (SA) embodied with "ichi" meaning 'one' in Japanese. The site's persona is established together with Sole Academy's reputation as Manila's first premier store for lifestyle sneakers.

SA'ICHI is your destination for information on each brand that Sole Academy offers.

The blog also provides an in-depth look on the key players who embrace the modern Filipino culture. Built to curate ideas and trends, SA'ICHI is focused to create content on a comprehensive perspective on what showcases the #BESTINCLASS lifestyle.


noun | sa·i·chi | \sai-CHEE\

lit. Sole Academy (SA) + first (Japanese: ichi meaning “one or first”)
To create & share exclusive lifestyle content first

also: wit and intelligence
also: spiritually intense, creator, and promoter

 synonyms: zen, chill, cool
 antonyms: wild, chaotic, messy

We are a lifestyle portal and #weareSAICHI.












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Everything starts with the first step. In Sole Academy’s case it started with the first Sole.

The Vision behind Sole Academy was to make available in the Philippines the most sought after and limited edition sneakers found abroad. We asked ourselves: “Why is it so hard for us Filipinos to get the best and most coveted pairs while other countries had them so readily available?" This for us was not acceptable. We promised to put in all the hard work until the dream was realized –the dream of being the first Authentic Multi Brand Lifestyle sneaker retailer to bring to Philippine shores the best lifestyle sneakers the world had to offer – THIS WAS THE DREAM.

5 years and 5 stores strong since we opened our doors we’ve learned to adapt through the times, create genuine friendships along the way, extract the lessons from our mistakes, and build on our strengths. 5 years of experience brings a lot of wisdom – the most important of which is that anybody can sell a product. We’re not anybody. We are Sole Academy - We don’t sell a product, we sell an experience. With that being said, we feel we are now ready to embark on a new journey to complement the booming Sneaker Lifestyle scene in Manila. We bring you the SA’ICHI experience! Embrace it.

- Carlo Trillo 

When Sole Academy opened its first destination shop in Katipunan in 2011, the real objective was to offer a complete LIFESTYLE sneaker experience because the market was ready for it.

It wasn't just about having a great looking store, nor being in a strategic location, nor executing clever marketing gimmicks on a regular basis, nor having consistent great customer service, nor offering the best lifestyle sneaker brands available. It wasn't just that. It was about having a combination of ALL those. It was about being well-rounded. It was about simply being the Best-in-Class. Thus, the tagline.

SA has inspired thousands of sneaker enthusiasts over the 5years of its existence. One of its strengths is its wide reach in social media and one of the goals of SA's social media activity is to educate its followers of the many exciting stories about sneakers from the heritage of the brands to most up-to-date innovation to the very creative collaborative efforts with artists and international sneaker boutiques.

And as SA continues contributing in the local sneaker heritage cultivation and the authentication of the local sneaker culture, we again would like to inspire SA's followers by sharing stories of different lifestyle aspects that have a great influence on sneakers.

Events. Passion. Hobbies. Crafts. Industry Innovators.

We want SA to be the first touchpoint, the reliable source, and the inspiration.

And that is what SA'ICHI is all about.

This is SA's legacy.

- Jojo Hizon